Twin City Alliance is a full service International Student Recruiting Company started in 2010. Our mission is to provide a streamlined one-stop service to cover all aspects of applying to over 30 private middle and high schools throughout the US, and a selection of over 30 colleges and universities.

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Twin City Alliance handles all aspects of the process from search through to application at the school of the parents’ and students’ choice.  We specialize in remaining in contact with both student and family throughout and after the enrollment process.  This aspect of the service insures parents that their students receive the highest quality care.  We offer English as a Second Language ( ESL ) training in the US – with plans for a school in China.  In addition, we provide Education Tours for families during which they visit our schools in the US.  Twin City Alliance currently has offices in Winston-Salem and Cary, North Carolina; with plans for an office in Shanghai, China.  Five of our partners are members of Sister Cities International in Winston-Salem, Cary, and Raleigh, North Carolina.  We are proud of our over 10 year relationship with Yang Pu district, Shanghai and many other cities from North Carolina and China.  Twin City Alliance is built on creating Guanxi with all our families to benefit both student and parents.

Twin City Alliance and partners will continue to build international partnership school exchanges between US and China institutions. This will create a mutual exchange of students and professors that provides tremendous opportunities between both countries.