Norma Owen Bio

Norma Owen
President, Avadon Group
Workforce Futurist
Before we had the phrase “social entrepreneur,” Norma was one. Norma has designed piloted and implemented 21st Century workforce development programs for marginal groups such as the homeless and women at risk as well as dislocated workers affected by the recent economic downturn. Simply put, Norma is one of the most successful professional practitioners in the region for helping communities flourish, even as they create their own future. Norma knows how to maximize every opportunity in a situation, bringing a future-oriented, commanding presence to her presentations and projects.
Business Leader magazine recognized her as a Woman Extraordinaire for her community and business initiatives. She has been a Community Relations Chair for the National Association of Women Business Owners, a former board member of the Capital Area Workforce Development Board in North Carolina and President of her own entrepreneurial effort, The Avadon Group.
Norma is leading researcher on new approaches to workforce development with more than two decades of hands-on experience. She brings perspective and insight from someone who has designed and implemented leading-edge workforce development practices in the trenches. Her experiences and thought provoking solutions are to be included in a new book to be released January 2012 called “Foresight 2025”. Co-authored with Dr. Charles Grantham and Executive Coach Terry Much, “Foresight 2025” delves into the enormous forces shifting the work and education landscape of today and suggests a framework from which communities can create solutions.